The Vision

It’s a beautiful spring day and the sun is streaming into my newly completed design studio.

I take a slow minute to survey the setup. Everything is as I had imagined it in my design. The rows and rows of colorful hanks hanging in anticipation of a new design. Boxes of unopened yarn stacked so high they hold the promise of an endless Christmas morning. The work tables strewn with half finished swatches of possibilities. The quirky mannequins are clothed in my newly finished spring line. The project easels sport my in-progress designs – 12 in all. I never could work on only one thing at a time. Well they say embrace your natural tendencies right?

The phone call interrupts my giddy appreciation of a well executed plan. A reminder that my class at the shop begins at 9:30am this morning. Off I go to mingle with some of my favorite people – yarn obsessed knitters. As I prepare to leave for the shop, I check my daily reminders – review yarn specs for new yarn line, confirm travel plans to the fiber festival later this month and a highly-anticipated trip to New York for “the show”. One of my designs is being highlighted and I dare not take a minute to dwell on the possibilities.

On with my day… classes fill my morning, I will go over shop details with the girls at lunch, then spend the afternoon moving between project boards to close in on those just-right designs. Check in with hubby to verify game time and enjoy the early evening watching baseball while design ideas bounce around my head. Dinner will be late again tonight but who cares –

life is good!


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