The Support Team

The Support Team:

Pete  (DH) – very supportive and all-around great guy who puts up with my eccentricities; he also reminds me to eat and exercise when I forget – thank you!

Nick (FBS: first-born son) – hard-working college student-athlete who is a great team player; he will be a big asset when I need to call on someone for help with anything.

Christian (SBS) – also a college student-athlete who understands the importance of determination and staying the course; he will be a great motivator.

Billy (TBS) – high school student-athlete who juggles many high-level activities while maintaining a great sense of wit and humor; he will help me laugh when things get scary.

Custer – “the cat” and only other female in the household; she will sit on my knitting work-in-progress when she senses I need to take a break.

Everyone has been briefed on the project and agrees to be “all in”; the meaning of which I’m sure I will have to clarify and reiterate throughout the year. 🙂


5 responses

  1. Yes, we are “all in.” You have the drive and passion to make it work. Go for it!!!

  2. A KNITTING blog, Mom are you kidding! Couldn’t you blog about something important like baseball or hockey??? Please don’t tell my friends.

  3. Cheryl, you are a riot! I love your sense of humor, and your drive! I think you should go for it, but also think about selling those AWESOME tote bags!!!! xo

    1. Jodie – You KNOW me, of course I am going to do the totes as well! I have to have several things going at once or I might have to sit still for a few minutes 🙂

    2. Thanks for taking a look at my blog 🙂

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