My 365 Day Knitting Challenge starts today!

5/1 Off and Running!

5am – on the road, heading to NJ to see our son play baseball. I’m waiting for daylight so I can get started on my first projects.

OK, so the Trellis Lace Scarf is not a good “car” project. I got it on the needles and managed to get about 9 rows done before I had to move on, as the stitches jumped off the needles at every bump.  Brought the wrong size needles for 2 other projects (probably a function of rummaging through my needle cache at 4:30AM)!  So… Good thing I brought the yarn for 4 projects. Now, 22 minutes later (since I forgot to wind my yarn at home) I am ready to start on my Leafy Glen Shell.

Shall I live dangerously and skip the gauge swatch?  I’ve been up since 4am, so the answer is YES.

It’s right about this time that Pete decides he wants me to drive.  What goes through my head isn’t what I let leave my lips; however I make a mental note to remind him about the “all-in” agreement, whereby he SUPPORTS my efforts to finish everything on time.

Three hours later, we make the driving switch again, and I manage to get about an inch of work done before we arrive at the baseball field.  I think it’s going to be a fun pattern to knit up.

After the doubleheader, and a great dinner with our son, we turn in early.  I knit few more rows before succumbing to sleep deprivation.

Production for Day 1 – 9 rows into Trellis Scarf and about 2″ worth of work on Leafy Glen Shell.

Good Night everyone – I’m on my way!


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