Day 2

The game today starts at 12noon, but we get to the field early to watch batting practice and visit with Chris for just a few minutes.

With another hour until game time, I convince Pete to help me locate a LYS.  There are 2 in the area. We strike out trying to get to Patricia’s Yarns in Hoboken as the streets are closed for a festival and we don’t have enough time to get out and walk.   On to shop #2 – The Stockinette. We are able to find this little knitting cafe and I duck inside to take a look. The cafe counter is busy so I don’t get to talk to the proprietor, but I take quick note of their stock – not a very big selection, but what they do have is very nice.  Pete’s double-parked, so I quickly decide on some Debbie Bliss alpaca silk aran that I will hopefully use for an upcoming project.   I also grab the right size circs for the other projects I brought.  I snap a couple of pics of the shop with my phone and run out.

We head back to the field and settle in to watch the final game of the weekend. I decide not to bring any knitting so that I pay attention to the game and also because it’s about 90 and humid.

Game Over – they won the series!

We get to see Chris for just a minute – enough for a couple of pics and hugs before he has to rejoin the team. We say our goodbyes and then head to the car. We have an 8 hour drive in front of us (5 of which will be in daylight). I remind Pete that he’s a much better “daytime” driver than I am.  He gets the hint and starts out driving.

So… Here I am back on task.  About 5 hours later, it’s 8:35pm and I can no longer see the stitches, so I put everything away. Production for the day is pretty good. I’m almost halfway done with the back of the Leafy Glen Shell and I got the Rhinebeck Hat started.

Signing off for today.


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