Holy Hairy Nightmare Batman!!!

How could I make the Trellis Scarf my first project?

It sounded so innocent and unassuming – Trellis Scarf.  I imagined myself relaxing under a garden trellis, quietly creating yards of filigree lace luxury.  After 4 hours of sweating and knitting, tinking and reknitting, I completed ONLY ONE repeat of Rows 1- 16.  I have TWENTY-TWO MORE to go.  Urgh.

The pattern itself is lovely and I learned that it is indeed possible for me to knit together SEVEN STITCHES AT ONCE!   My yarn choice is what is giving me fits.  It is Cascade Yarns’ Bollicine Sissi, a mohair yarn, which is VERY LOVELY AND VERY HAIRY.   Knit Hairy and Lace together with size 4 needles and you get a beautiful result if you are young with good eyesight.   I’m not saying that I’m old, but I’ve reached the point where I have one contact for distance and one for reading and neither was very good at picking out the stitches amidst all the hairy mohair.

The biggest thing this project has taught me is humility – I ain’t as good as I thought I once was 🙂

To keep me from ripping out the entire thing and banishing it from the list, I took some time to start on another project (Crofter’s Cowl).   Sometimes you just need a pattern like this – instantly rewarding.  I banged out 1/2 of it in about an hour or so.  Plus, the Debbie Bliss alpaca silk aran yarn was a dream to work with.  Maybe Trellis Scarf won’t be so bad after all.

So…  I now have 4 projects on the needles:

Trellis Scarf

Trellis Scarf - in Bollicine Sissi by Cascade Yarns

Leafy Glen Shell

Leafy Glen Shell - in Ella Rae's Lace Merino

Rhinebeck Hat

Rhinebeck Hat - in Koigu's Painter's Palette & louet's Gems

Crofter’s Cowl

Crofter's Cowl - in Debbie Bliss' alpaca silk aran

Oh, I almost forgot –

I received my Master Knitter Level 1 packet in the mail and I will begin putting together my notebook soon… stay tuned.


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