Field Trip…

…to nearby Hillsborough, NC

(a suggestion by Thursday knitting buddy, Janet) to check out a LYS where we had yet to drop any cash.  I was driving and joked that I would not be too jealous if she knit while I drove.  Did I think it was crazy that she didn’t work on her knitting the ENTIRE drive?  I guess not everyone is as neurotic as I am when it comes to making knitting progress while in transit.   I couldn’t help stealing an occasional glance at her knitting bag which held a scarf in-progress.  Such a shame – I mean 45 minutes, that’s probably 3-4″ of scarf progress!

The Hillsborough Yarn Shop is a 2-room store filled to the brim with loads of great yarns and samples. We met the proprietor, Ann, who let me snap a picture of her in her shop.

Their website states that they, “specialize in high-quality natural fiber yarns for people who love to hand knit and crochet!”

And it looked like several people were taking her up on her offer to…

“come relax, [and] knit in a cozy and welcoming environment”, as several people were sitting in comfy chairs knitting away.

I came away with yarn for yet another project (Felted Blue Dotted Bag). My blue bag is actually going to be orange and pink.  Janet picked out a gorgeous teal and brown for her bag – a combination that I can’t wait to see finished.  I controlled my impulse to buy anything else, but Janet, well… (hey, does your husband read knitting blogs???). Maybe I should just stop here.

Another 45 minutes of drive time to get home (I resisted the impulse to put my knitting in my lap – I did have a passenger after all).  I sure hope Janet understands that I won’t be able to hold back when she’s driving!   Once at home, I immediately cast on for my Orange and Pink, Felted Blue Dotted Bag.  The yarn, Lamb’s Pride by Brown Sheep Co. knits up beautifully.  Can’t wait to get it to FO status.

Well, gotta go, gotta knit!


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