Poof – It’s gone…

…Week #2 that is.

Have you ever experienced the “end of semester term paper phenomenon”?  You know, it’s the first day of class and your professor passes out the syllabus for the semester.  You scan it and immediately notice that there is a 35-page term paper due at the end of the semester. It’s the due date that catches your attention – THE END OF THE SEMESTER.  That’s like what, 3 to 4 months away?  There is plenty of time, PLENTY of time.  Then days, weeks and pretty soon months start evaporating like ice on a hot summer day.  All of a sudden, POOF it’s 3 days before the END OF THE SEMESTER and you have nothing but a couple of bad ideas bouncing around in your head.

OK, that is what I’m going to try to avoid, since Week #2 just evaporated with little or nothing to show for it.  Yes, I did get the first swatch for my Level 1 certification cast on, but really, a SWATCH???  I should have knocked that out the first hour of week #2.

So… I am setting a production goal for Week #3.  I will plan try attempt FINISH 3 work-in-progress items and 3 swatches for the MKP (Master Knitter Program).

Wish me luck – and tell me about your best “End of Semester Term Paper” stories!!!


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