Holy Guacamole – Week #4 is No More!!!

I could say that I finished 3 more projects and 4 swatches, but that would be lying and I try to save lying for really important occasions, like when I tell my boys why it’s important that they should keep their rooms clean.

The real truth is…

I swear I went to bed on Sunday, May 23rd and then next woke up on Thursday, the 27th.  This day just happened to be one day before one of my BFFs would be at her surprise 50th birthday party.  And a very special gift that I agreed to make was supposed to be there too.  Only I was here in Raleigh and the party was in Chicago, which meant the present had to be done and sent BEFORE Friday.

Did I mention that I think I have Adult ADD?  Well, one of the reasons I believe I am afflicted with this condition, is that I have a hard time “not starting new projects”.  Does anyone else have that problem???  You see, even though I knew I was immersed in the 365 Day Challenge that could change my life, I agreed with another BFF in Chicago to make this really cool special gift for BFF’s 50th and that I would send it out so that it would be there for the party.

So, while my “knitting self” was dreaming of finishing projects, my “real self” had to kick it into high gear and get that birthday gift done.  Underestimating is another one of my talents, so I had budgeted about 8 hours to complete the gift.  Of course, it took me over five days.  Between “material gathering”, “prep work” and then “botched attempts”, on Thursday afternoon, I wrapped my final work and frantically dashed off to the Post Office where my package was postmarked at 4:56pm – four minutes prior to the 5pm Overnight Express deadline.

Procrastination cost me $22.75 in postage;  but hopefully this will be the last time I do that.  And if you believe that, I have some really good real estate I’d like to sell you.

Now, it’s Friday, I’m back to working on my knitting projects, but none are done.    I better mix up a margarita for that guacamole.

Cheers to a better next week!


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