Week #5 and Things are Heating Up

It’s summer and I’m knitting wool socks, call me crazy, but I’m thinking Christmas gift knitting in July is not a bad idea.  (I’m still smarting from my procrastination party last week)

I plan to hold my first bi-monthly knitting marathon later this month, so stay-tuned for more details.

At the end of week #5, here is where I’m at:

Master Knitter Program Status – Swatch #1 in-progress
25 Projects Status – 1 complete and 6 projects in-progress:

  • Trellis Scarf –  on the needles; I plan to do one pattern repeat per day
  • Tipsy Triange Socks – one sock done, second one cast-on
  • Leafy Glen Shell – back complete and being blocked; front almost done
  • Rhinebeck Hat – no progress this week
  • Guernsey Socks – one sock in-progress
  • Felted Blue Dotted Bag – no progress this week; scheduled for next Thursday

I am gearing up to have a really productive next week.  Old projects have been cleared off the table, I’m knitting where ever and whenever I can, so I’m really looking forward to posting next week’s progress on the 11th.

Until then…


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