The Second Sock

Warning… do NOT try to complete your sock’s short rows in the dark.  Even if you have fallen ill with second sock syndrome – JUST DON’T DO IT!

Knitters know about SECOND SOCK SYNDROME.  It’s why countless books on two-at-a-time socks have been published.  You see, we all like knitting the first one – it’s fun and adventurous to see the pattern emerge; however after slipping on that delightfully handcrafted single sock, depression sets in.  This is because second foot is getting jealous but we just don’t want to “do it again”.  I mean most of us want to move on to our next project right?

Well, it was precisely this scenario that lead me to try to turn my heel in the dark.  It wasn’t completely dark.  I was in our car WITH the interior light on; however, we all know how dim that can be AND have I told you before that my eyesight isn’t exactly 20/20 at this stage in my life???

Anyway, we had about a 30 minute drive in front of us and I couldn’t stand wearing just one sock anymore.  I HAD to finish the second sock.  So… I pulled out my half-finished second sock and started to work the short rows blindly.  The RESULT – I now have an imperfect second sock.

Can you see the difference???  The diagonal line of short rows on heel on the right has a few “misplaced” holes.

I have reconciled my “it’s got to be perfect” attitude with the fact that the sock is perfectly functional, it just has a couple of misplaced holes – which adds character I’m told. Well, OK I can go with that, because I am not ripping it out.  I have too much other work in front of me.

I mean look at my lonely flower pots…

It’s almost the middle of June and they have been longing for their annual friends however I have rebelled against fulfilling their wishes until I finish the second sock 🙂

Gotta Go – my second sock is calling


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