Remember Me???

Looks like I’ve got some explaining to do…

Being a novice blogger, I’m going to go with the “I’m still getting the hang of this” excuse for why I let 3 weeks go by with no updates!

It’s not that I haven’t been knitting, but it is summer and I do have 3 teenagers at home and well gosh darn it – it was nice outside.  Excuses aside, this is what I’ve accomplished on my projects since Week #5:

  • Finished project #2 (Tipsy Triangle Socks) on June 15
  • Finished the front of Leafy Glen Shell (project #3)
  • Started project #4 (Heather Harvest Vest)
  • Started project #7 (Fair Isle Tassel Hat)
  • Started project #12 (Little Blossom Cardigan)
  • Made progress on project #18 (Felted Polka Dot Bag)
  • Made significant progress on project #21 (Delicate Lace Socks)

Here are some pics of my progress the last 3 weeks:

Tipsy Triangle Socks – finished and in-use:

Both socks complete

Very comfy - great for dancing in!

Leafy Glen Shell – finished, blocked and being tested:

Before blocking and After blocking

Always wanting to help out - here's Custer assisting with the blocking

8 weeks in the books… only 44 more remain!!!

Can I do it???  Can I complete (by May 1st, 2011):

  • 23 more projects,
  • 3 Levels of the Master Knitter Program, and
  • 10 original designs

Only TIME will tell…


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