On Your Mark, Get Set, Knit!

My 5K of Knitting

Yesterday I held my first “knit-in”.   I started small with a 5K (3.1 hours of knitting).  I’m hoping to boost my project production by holding bi-monthly knitting sessions.

I started at EXACTLY 1:09pm.  I don’t know why I thought that was important, it really wasn’t, but I wanted to keep track of what it felt like to knit continuously for 3.1 hours (which translates to 3 hours and 6 minutes).

So, here’s what I experienced during my first 5K of knitting:

1:09 – start on Trellis Scarf (this is my “hairy nightmare” project)

It took me 11 minutes to complete just ONE row!  At this pace, it would take me 67.47 hours of continuous knitting.  Not sure quite yet if it is worth it, but I’m going to plow ahead anyway.

2:09 – one hour in and I’ve completed 10 rows on the Trellis Scarf

At this point, I was feeling a bit discouraged.  For some crazy reason, I thought I’d be able to at least complete one project during this time period.  But let me remind you, I have been diagnosed with a severe deficit in the area of ESTIMATION skills.

3:08 – I have completed 1-1/2 repeats on the Trellis Scarf (I need 23 total)

3:09 – I take an 11 minute exercise and re-fueling break.

Three hours of CONTINUOUS knitting is a LONG time, and anyway runners break for water right?

3:21 – I switch over to the Rhinebeck Hat (project #5) and enjoy working with smooth yarn again.

I don’t think mohair yarns are for me.  No offense to those who love mohair – I guess I’m learning that I am too impatient to work through all that hairiness. 🙂  Plus, as I continue to work on the scarf, I am realizing just how WARM mohair is.  I might end up sending this scarf North to someone who won’t sweat every time they wear it!

3:40 – Revelation:  3 hours is longer than I thought!

My back is starting to hurt, but I think that is due to the fact that I didn’t choose the most comfortable setup.  NOTE TO SELF:  Choose good seating for next knit-in.

4:14 – I’m done.  I stopped one minute early, but whose counting?  I’ll make it up next time.

So, here’s what I accomplished in those 3 hours – don’t laugh, it’s not much!

Trellis Scarf - at the start of the 5K

And here is the Trellis Scarf - at the end of the 5K

Rhinebeck Hat - at the start of the 5K

And here is the Rhinebeck Hat - at the end of the 5K

This is my plan for the rest of the year’s “knit-ins”:

  • August (10K) – 6.2 hours of knitting
  • October (Half-Marathon) – 13.1 hours of knitting
  • December (Marathon) – 26.2 hours of knitting (I’m thinking Christmas gifts here)
  • February (10K) – 6.2 hours of knitting
  • April (Marathon) – 26.2 hours of knitting (I’m sure I will  need this as I approach my May 1st deadline!)

That’s it for today… Time to go soak my sore muscles 🙂

(yes, fingers get sore too!)


2 responses

  1. So that is where you were all afternoon yesterday. Looks like you can’t take the runner out of the knitter. I like the race references.

  2. You certainly did get a lot accomplished! and it looks beautiful, too

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