Knitting in June

June was an interesting knitting month for me:

  • I started 5 new projects; but finished only one.  This puts me at 2 completed projects, with 10 in-progress.
  • I held my first 5K of knitting and learned that ergonomics is not just a silly word, but has real meaning.
  • I began to see that summer was not going to be the time during which I produced A LOT of knitting; and I’m okay with that.

My mindset now is that summer is family time.  I don’t want my year-long challenge to take precedence over family, so I am enjoying all the opportunities for being together as a family this summer and I am finding small windows of opportunity to fit in my knitting.

My knitting time will come when the boys all head off to school in late August and my schedule returns to a more steady routine.  The fact that the temperatures should start dropping below the 100’s at that time, will also encourage a return to the needles.

As I head into the first full week of July, I hope to make progress on my Master Knitter swatches, but I’m not holding my breath.  Our social calendar is filling up and I plan to enjoy the dog days of summer with family and friends.  As the days permit, I will continue to plug along towards my final destination.

Knitting in bits and pieces for now!


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