Knit Rip and Repeat

It was an ordinary afternoon, until DH said, “let’s go see the baseball game tonight”.  For most, this means driving 15-20 minutes, unpacking the folding chairs and settling in for 2-hours of baseball enjoyment.

Not so in our household.  Our boys always seem to be on the teams that play FAR AWAY.

Now, don’t think I’m complaining here; because I actually take secret delight in the fact that when we go to a ballgame, it usually means a 1-2 hour drive.  Are you following me, all you fellow obsessive-compulsive knitters???

It takes me an hour to pick at least 3 different projects to bring.  After all, we could have car trouble and it would be tragic if we were stranded and I finished the only project I had brought, with no backups.

So, I packed my raspberry rhapsody scarf, my delicate lace sock #2, and my hairy nightmare projects.  DH hates to ride shotgun, so I don’t even ask anymore.  I hop into the passenger seat, take out my knitting and start.  We’re not supposed to leave for another 20 minutes, but why wait?

I decided to work on the scarf first.  It’s such a pretty color and I love the way the pattern of raspberries is unfolding.  Here it is before we left…

I love the way this pattern is emerging

I had finished 10 rows, when… “Could it be?”.  “No, I couldn’t have just wasted an entire hour’s worth of knitting, could I?”  I examined it again – maybe it’s not THAT noticeable.  I look at the row of FAT raspberries compared to the other rows of perfectly-matched raspberries.

One row of FAT raspberries

It’s obvious.  Even my cat Custer would point it out.  There was no way out…

I have to RIP and REPEAT.  It takes me the rest of the trip to get over my disgust.  Then we arrive at the field, I throw my bag in the backseat and smile…

It’s a beautiful night to watch baseball 🙂


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