August Knitting – Week#2

It’s Hot.  It’s Very Hot.  I am knitting wool socks. Am I Crazy???

Maybe…  but 107 days ago I decided to challenge myself to complete WAY TOO MANY PROJECTS in WAY TOO LITTLE TIME.

Such is life.  So, I persevere, knitting a bit every day, despite the chaotic schedule of work, household, kids and back-to-school prep.  I think of the tortoise and the hare and tell myself to keep at it.

Slow and steady wins the race right?  I’ll let you know April 29th of next year 🙂

Here’s how last week went…

Saturday morning we headed to the beach for a short end of summer vacation.  All was going well during the drive until I realized I was off by 2 rows on my delicate lace sock.  #&%!@#

A short while later at a quick stop to fill-up, son #3 upsets my apple cart with a sarcastic remark.  It’s that magical TOTM, so my head starts spinning around while I grit my teeth and make the threat that we all know I will not carry out, but it’s too late, it’s already out of my mouth.

Son who obviously doesn’t know better, puts everyone’s thoughts into words, saying “you know we’re not going to turn around” and smiles sweetly.  This is where DH steps in which is a good thing, because my involuntary reaction was going to be a physical one.

DH has had the enviable task of explaining to our 3 teenage sons, the emotional nuances that come with female companionship 🙂   Sometimes they need to be reminded  – he does this wonderfully.   We get back in the car and continue our drive; my desire to knit is gone.  Good thing, because I hate to think what that sock would have looked like based on my mood.

Fast forward 5 days – all in all, we had a GREAT trip.  Lots of fun in the sun was had by all.  We finished the trip by kayaking together in the Pickney Island Nature Reserve, where we had the good luck to see lots of dolphins cavorting all around us as we rowed.

Here we are at the end of the excursion…

Tired, but happier than on the way out, we pack and head back home.  This time my merry mood carries me through the end of delicate lace sock #2!  Yes they are done – it’s 99 degrees outside and my wool socks are done.

Here they are in action – don’t they look warm 🙂

A beach vacation is always a good match for reading, and I finished book #1, Little Women while relaxing poolside.  What a great read!  One book read and 99 to go from my bucket list of books.

So, with 258 days remaining, here is where I stand:

  • 25 projects – 5 complete, 8 in-progress
  • 10 designs – lots of great ideas spinning around, nothing on the board as of yet
  • Master Knitter Certification – still swatch-less, but I think about it a lot

Good Night everyone…  Next week is another opportunity to make progress!


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