Cancelled Appointments = 10 Rows

I Spent An Hour Knitting my Trellis Scarf – Hmmm… it doesn’t look any longer.

Having my morning work appointments rescheduled to the afternoon, I took the opportunity to knit for an hour on my Trellis Scarf.  This yielded 10 rows.  Not much!!!

I did have to “tink” 2 rows; but I have found that this happens quite often to me on this project.  It’s hard for my eyes to see those hairy stitches sometimes!

Doing the math, with 230 rows remaining and at an average rate of 6 minutes per row, it will take me another 23 hours to complete this project.

Maybe I should consider an all-day knitting marathon this weekend???

Only 230 rows to go – I plan to work on it a bit EVERY day until it’s done!


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