Break out your needles, it’s time to KNIT!!!

It’s 1:30pm EST and I am ready to ROCK my Trellis Scarf.

(I have a couple of WIPs on standby in case I need a break from the hairy thing.)

Here’s what it looked like at the start.  It is just over halfway to its 60″ finished length.

Join me for any or all of my 10k of knitting (that’s 6.2 hours)!!!

I will post every hour and let you know how I am doing.

Knitters to your Mark, Get Set, KNIT!

2:31pm – 8 rows, wove in all loose ends, 10 push-ups

3:35pm – 10 rows and 10 push-ups

I’m going to try to stick with the scarf, but my eyes are starting to cross!

4:38pm – 12 rows and 10 push-ups

Why the push-ups???  Well I’ve found that to get my senses back on high alert, I can either down some coffee or do a little exercise.   So, I decided the first half of the knit-a-thon I will devote to the exercise part, and the second half to a mocha-raspberry frappacino.  Of course, you should do whatever works for you 🙂

5:28 – 10 rows and 10 push-ups

I am persevering in my efforts to stay on the scarf!  40 rows complete so far – I could probably end up with 75 row total if Pete hurries back with my coffee.  I “pretty-pleased” him into grabbing me one on his way home and I am looking forward to the java jolt.

5:58 – I’m fading, only 3 rows

6 hours is a LONG time.  I had to get up and get a snack.  My frappaccino has yet to arrive and I am struggling to stay on task.  I moved to another room to see if a change of scenery will help.

6:15 – My coffee arrived – yeah!

6:42 – 10 rows and ONE HOUR REMAINING

7:47 – 17 rows completed

In 6 Hours and 17 minutes of almost continuous knitting I completed 70 rows on my scarf.  It looks great.  I’ll post a picture later.

Here’s what it looked like at the end:

Calgon, take me awayI’m T-I-R-E-D!


6 responses

  1. You can do it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement – I am tired but happy.

  2. Yay you made a lot of progress. If it had not been for the massive time difference I would have been there with you. But at least we did it on the same day!

    1. I do believe it was a success for BOTH of us! It was fun to see the progress you had made when I logged on in the morning. I plan to do a bi-monthly knit-a-thon day. My next one will therefore be in October. I hope you can join me then!

  3. Hi Cheryl Marie,
    what an incredible effort!! Didn’t your hands want to drop off with all that knitting? I find I have to change activities after an hour or two – 6 hours is just amazing!!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting – so nice to hear from knitters around the world! (And I’m with you on having multiple projects on the go – it is very important to have a different project for every occasion 🙂 ! )

    1. It did help that I stopped every hour to post to the blog. I think my next knit-a-thon I will have some seaming work or other finishing details that I will work on to break up the continuous knitting time. Thanks for taking a look at my blog and good luck with all your WIPs!

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