Knitting for the Road

A 2-hour drive later today means some planning this morning.  As in, what WIPs shall I bring???

These are the projects I have to choose from:

  • Trellis ScarfNO.  After 6 hours knitting this one Sunday, I’m giving it a little breather.
  • Heather Harvest VestMAYBE.  I don’t like the yarn I started this one with, so if I am able to get to the LYS over lunch and find just the right yarn, I may take this one.
  • Raspberry Rhapsody Scarf MAYBE.  But I’m feeling kind of scarfed out right now.
  • Fair Isle Tassel HatNO.  I don’t like doing color-work in the car; this one in particular has a lot of new color joins, so it is out.
  • Guernsey SocksYES, YES, YES.  I love socks for car rides.  They are so compact and as they use circs, I don’t have to worry about dropping my needles in the car and trying to fish them out from between the seats.
  • Little Blossom CardiganNO, NO, NO.   This intarsia work is just too messy for the road.
  • Dotted BagNO.  Don’t have a washing machine in the car & this one is ready to be felted.
  • Collared CardiganMAYBE.  I just started this one and don’t know about my yarn choice, so bringing this one could be a waste of time.  (Although I was going to stop by the LYS and if something screams “collared cardigan”, I just may bring this one too).
  • A NEW PROJECT??? You never know what can happen to all sense when you walk into that candy-store, called the LYS!

I’ve thought about ways to curb my “knitter gone crazy” behavior that seems to occur every time I cross the threshold of a LYS…

…Like maybe I should pin a note to my shirt that says, “DON’T LET ME BUY ANYTHING BESIDES 4 SKEINS OF …”.  But, then store owners are usually knitters themselves and they would laugh, rip off the note and say, “just go with it honey, follow your instincts and BUY MORE YARN” 🙂


5 responses

  1. I work at a LYS and lots of people come in saying “only two skeins for a pair of socks….” and end up with, well, a lot more…. 🙂

  2. That’s why I shop online! 🙂

    1. Online shopping is SO good for curbing those temptations to buy everything. But, I can’t help going into the LYSs and touching all that gorgeous yarn. Of course, when I do, I usually spend all my lunch money for the week 🙂

  3. Socks are always great to knit while on the road. Oh, the yarn issue. I make myself a pledge to knit ONLY from stash each time after buying some more… 🙂

    1. I am trying hard to use my stash yarn for as many of my 25 projects as possible; however, I’m not having the best luck. So, I am putting yarn shop certificates on the top of my wish list for Christmas 🙂

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