A No Knitting Anniversary

Although I packed several WIPs for our 2-hour drive to the coast last Tuesday…

…I knit not one row!

We were on route to celebrate a marital milestone and as we got talking of some of the fun we’d had over the years, the knitting bag stayed tucked away in the back seat.

We stayed that evening at The Graystone Inn, an incredible bed and breakfast, located in the historic district of Wilmington, NC.  It is a restored mansion that lives up to its advertising.   There was a category 4 hurricane forecast for the following day, so we ended up with the entire place to ourselves.  I felt like Emma presiding over her estate.  🙂

Our budget allowed us just 24-hours, but we had the most wonderful time.  The Inn is within walking distance of gourmet restaurants and lots of shopping.   We dined at a place called Deluxe, which also lived up to its billing.  A gourmet breakfast the following morning at the Inn and a 4-mile run around Greenfield Park capped off our Anniversary celebration and we headed home that afternoon.

A busy rest of the work week left me with no time for knitting.  It’s been a full week since I have knit a row and I am giddy to think that tomorrow morning I will have about 30 minutes of knitting time before I start my work day.

I have another busy work week ahead, but if I have to I will trade my lunch hour for some knitting time…

…I WILL KNIT THIS WEEK, or go crazy!!!


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