Would someone pay me to knit please???

I managed a few rows on these cute little gems during a long work week…

Cute Guernsey Socks in handspun & hand dyed merino sock yard

Currently, I am juggling long work days, running, cooking, cleaning, reading and knitting. Something’s gotta give, but the only things I WANT to abandon are…  can you guess???

Here’s my current list of activities in order of enjoyment and reasons why:

  • Knitting – currently in the #1 spot (maybe because I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like!)
  • Cooking – I usually enjoy a glass of red wine at the same time AND I love to eat good food.
  • Running – My Formula:  eat a lot = run a lot.   Also, you can’t beat the great feeling AFTER a good run.
  • Reading – I love to explore other worlds through reading – totally a thrill!
  • Long work days – requirement for purchasing “extras”, like all those GREAT NEW YARNS out there and because we have 2 boys in college.
  • Cleaning – ABSOLUTELY MY LEAST FAVORITE; the only way to make it tolerable is to turn up the music and dance my way through it.  Not always possible due to time limits 🙂

So, the million dollar question is:   How can I earn a living doing the things I really like???

That leads me full circle to my 365 day challenge.  Currently, day-to-day necessities are getting in the way of following my passion.  Somehow, someway, I need to find the extra time to fit more knitting & designing into my schedule.  This coming week’s goal:  significant progress on the Master Knitter Program.

I am open to suggestions!


One response

  1. Hi – sounds like you might be a great person for us to know. Email me at trisha@vogueknitting.com and we will try to work out an arrangement where we pay you to knit. On trial, of course. But let’s at least start!


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