Help – I’m knitting Socks & I can’t STOP!

No wonder there’s a mania about sock knitting.  Once you’ve knit a couple of pair, it’s hard to stop!

Maybe it’s because they knit up so fast.  If I had nothing else to do but knit, I might have a drawer full in a month!   Here are my Guernsey socks (toe ready to be seamed with Kitchener stitch)

Maybe socks are so much fun, because fitting is less of an issue.  I mean if I knit a pair of socks and they’re not a perfect fit, I’m still going to wear them.

I may bunch them up a bit at the ankle or deal with a heal that is slightly out of place because they are so functional and homey and warm and fun to wear.

Now that I’m almost done with the first Guernsey sock, I just had to start another sock project!  The pattern is Comfy Socks by Ulli S. Shibuya in the book, Greetings from Knit Cafe.

Maybe I’ll make 2011 the year of the sock – to see how many socks I can produce in 365 days.  How cool would it be to open a drawer and see it full of socks I KNIT!!!

If you haven’t knit socks before, it’s time to start!

GO KNIT YOURSELF A PAIR OF SOCKS.  I bet you’ll have a drawer-full in no time.

Well gotta go!  Gotta finish some socks!


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