Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Let Go!

We walked into the LYS and my Knitter Gone Wild self started twitching.  So… I unleashed it.  I let it loose.  I let it take complete control over my budget.  My Thursday knitting pal just stood by and watched it happen (with a smile on her face as she stayed under-budget at $0.00).

So now my needles are happy!  For they are full…

… of new yarn!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Some might say, “Wow you only spent $110.23?  For 2 soon to be knitted one-of-a-kind beautiful garments, what a steal!” And you’d have a good point.

Others might say, “Wow, you spent $110.23 on yarn?  What will you have for dinner tonight?” And you’d have a good point too.

But I say, knitters must sometimes indulge and sometimes fast and in this case, do both in the same day.

P.S.    My picture shows only SOME of the yarn purchased.   I purchased enough for a beautiful fair isle sweater (Mandarin petit cotton) and a comfy cabled vest (Rowan’s Lima).

I’m hungry, but I’m happy 🙂


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