Substitution Time

Sometimes change is good!

I really tried to like the collared cardigan that I started in August as one of my 25 projects.

But after just a few rows in, I knew it was doomed.  Sometimes change IS good and this was one of those times.  I had also been perusing one of my pattern books and came across a Kristen Nicholas design that I had wanted to knit awhile back.  After an hour or so knitting the  Nantucket Brocade (rav-link) sweater, I was hooked.


Nantucket Brocade Sweater - Sleeve


I started with a sleeve because I am modifying the pattern so that the ribbing doesn’t pull in as much.   Starting with a sleeve is also my way of swatching 🙂

Hey, that’s a great lead in to a survey…


2 responses

  1. I LOVE the cable ribbing! Nice work.

    1. Thanks Karen. I always seem to gravitate towards patterns with cables 🙂 I love your purse design at

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