My Half-Marathon of Knitting

13.1 hours – 13 hours & 10 minutes to be exact!


  • Current works-in-progress – CHECK
  • Workout ball for exercise breaks – CHECK
  • Agreement by DH to provide lunch & dinner – CHECK
  • Camera ready with battery charged – CHECK
  • Computer on and ready for entering updates – CHECK
  • Coffee on – CHECK
  • Motivational music on – CHECK
  • Clean house – well, you can’t have everything

Just so you know I’m not a complete lunatic, I won’t actually be continuously knitting for 13.1 hours.  The way it works is –  I knit for 50 minutes, then take 10 minutes to either: snap a picture of my progress, exercise a bit, eat or take care of other necessary business.   🙂

Alright then, let’s get started…

I started at EXACTLY 8:23am.  I am that kind of person, you know, detail-oriented. 😉

So, here’s how the day is going…

8:23am – start on Comfy Socks (this is the one that’s closest to an FO)

It took me awhile to get into the rhythm, but I am almost to the toe!

9:13am – first break (snap a picture, warm-up coffee, 10 push-ups and a little bite to eat)

9:23 – I’m going to continue with the socks as I can sense the Finish Line!  (I hope to be Kitchener-ing the toe by the end of the hour)

Spent too much time untangling the mess at the end of my yarn.  But, I did manage to make it to the toe! 

10:13 – second break: picture, 25 sit-ups, get my next WIP ready – just in case!

10:23 – Comfy Socks

They are ready for Kitchener-stitch seam – with only 4 stitches this took no time at all.

Done. Seamed, ends woven in and ready to wear DONE!!!  Another FO.

As I approach the half-way mark of my year-long challenge here is my project completion status:

  • Finished Objects (FOs) – 8
  • Works-in-Progress (WIP) – 9

11:13 – third break: pictures, 10 push-ups, and a glass of water – it’s important to stay hydrated during any marathon – knitting or otherwise 🙂

11:22 – Time to work on my Hairy Nightmare, I mean Trellis Scarf.

Did I tell you I hate this project???  50 minutes and only 8 rows done.  It never fails that I have to “tink” at least one row every time I work on this thing.

12:12 – Lunch Break (20 minutes so I can actually digest my food; 25 sit-ups should also help the digestive process)

12:33 – Back in action. I will persevere and spend 40 more minutes on this hairy thing that I can’t wait to be done with.

Good news – I spent less time (40mins) & completed more rows (10).  The hairy thing now measures 43-1/2″.  The pattern calls for 60″; but I will stop as soon as I run out of yarn – hopefully MUCH sooner than 60″.

1:14 – Another break (I’ve stopped counting): pictures outside (I needed the fresh air) and a water break.  I’m trying to save the caffeine jolt for when I need it most –  later in the day.  Oops, these breaks are getting longer.

1:28 – I think I will do some mindless SS on my Harvest Vest. I’m not thrilled with the color I chose, but I’m going to carry on as started.

Wow, it’s amazing what size 10-1/2 needles and stockinette stitch do for generating lots of output.  3-1/2″ to be exact. 🙂

2:21 – Wonderful Day by O.A.R. Had to stop knitting and get up to dance to this one.  One of my favorites for “kitchen dancing”!

I’m printing the words to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel so that I can sing to it when it rolls around again on my playlist.  My boys make fun of the fact that I have only 41 songs on this one playlist.   I just tell them they are 41 carefully chosen songs!  🙂

2:37 – Back to work. I think I will stick with the Harvest Vest for now.  It’s fun to make a lot of progress.

Several more inches…  I’m getting close to binding off for the shoulders.  I’ll stick with this one for the next hour as well.

3:28 – Break time. 10 push-ups, some strawberries and a java jolt.  Just a few sips though, I’m trying to reserve the big gulp for later on.

3:30 – 4:48 Had to Take a Business Call. Doesn’t it seem like things that need immediate attention always come up when you take a day off?

4:49 – Okay back to the Needles. I’m still working on the Harvest Vest to see if I can make finish the back today.

Armholes are bound off – 6″ to go to finish the back.

5:42 – Break time. Pictures, 10 push-ups, 25 sit-ups and water.   Over 9 hours into the 13.1 hour knit-a-thon.  It’s going great.

5:52 – Continuing with the Harvest Vest.

Back of Harvest Vest is done.  Bound off.

6:44 – Break time. Pictures, 10 push-ups and a BIG GULP of coffee.  I’m heading into the homestretch.  About 3 more hours to go.

6:54 – Back to the Needles I go.

I cast-on for the front of Harvest Vest and started the ribbing.  Now I need to change it up.  I’m tired of looking at this dark green yarn.  I am deciding whether to go with my Snail Mittens or the Sunflower Pillow.

7:51 – Dinner Break – also my last. Pictures, 25 sit-ups, a fresh cup of coffee and a light dinner.

8:31 – The final push!  The Sunflower pillow won out for choice of project. (The snail mittens require too much concentration and right now, I’m running a little low in that area.)

Sunflower Pillow at the Start

And when I Stopped – You can see the stem and leaves taking shape.

9:34 – The Official end to my 13.1 hour knitting day.

Here’s a recap:

  • Comfy Socks finished
  • One repeat complete on Trellis Scarf
  • Back finished and front started for Harvest Vest
  • Progress made on my Sunflower Pillow
  • 50 push-ups and 100 sit-ups.  I really think this is what kept me going.

That’s it for today – It’s lights out for me.


2 responses

  1. I’m sitting at my desk at work wishing I could join you. Have a great knitting day!

    1. I just finished and it was GREAT! I’m not nearly as tired as I thought I’d be. I plan on doing another in December. I’d love for you to join me!

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