Why Does my Family Hate Knitting?

Is it because…

  • I leave knitting projects all over the house, usually where they want to sit?
  • I make them rewind the DVR when I miss something important because I was turning a heel?
  • I get more excited about going to the yarn shop than the grocery store?
  • They have to push aside a knitting project to make room for their dinner plates?
  • I spent 13.1 hours immersed in my knit-a-thon yesterday and didn’t even get sick of it as they were secretly hoping I would???

The answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Setting aside 13 hours and 10 minutes to work on my projects yesterday was a great way to spend the day.   I too thought I might get sick of knitting by the end of the day; but oh contrare, I could have knit for another 13.1 hours (I think).


In December, I will attempt to set aside a FULL MARATHON of knitting time.  That would be 26.2 hours.

You can give me all sorts of reasons why that would be a crazy thing to do, or you can join me!

Just think how many Christmas gifts you will be able to complete!!!


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