Goals for the New Year

I am a list person.

I write and re-write lists all the time. I’m sure one of my lists has ended up in someone else’s hands as I drop them in stores all the time (not on purpose). I know that my list-making time could be re-directed to other activities (like more knitting), but lists are FUN for me.

There is JUST SOMETHING ABOUT CROSSING THINGS OFF A LIST that sends my endorphins soaring. And, yes I do confess to sometimes adding an item just to cross it off.  Mind-games? I’m Guilty!

So it’s not unusual that I fall into the category of those who are busy making lists at the beginning of the new year.  I call mine goals rather than resolutions, because I think it sounds more positive.  I do fall short of most of them by year’s end, but I like to remind myself of the saying I have stenciled in my office…
“Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” –Les Brown

Here are my KNITTING/BLOGGING GOALS for 2011:

  • Blog more regularly
  • Define regularly 🙂
  • Find a substitute for the smiley face in my Blog posts
  • Complete Level 1 of the Master Knitter Program by the end of February
  • Complete my 25 knitting projects by the end of March
  • Publish 10 of my own designs by the end of April
  • Organize a knitting marathon once a month

To all the other Goal-Setters out there – Shoot for the Moon!


2 responses

  1. Those sound like great goals to me! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I’m looking around yours and loving what I’m seeing! I’m not a very experienced knitter but I like to read about knitting and crafting all the time. I’ll tune in for your Thursday knit-a-thon… wish I could take off a day and join you!

    1. Thanks for checking in on mine as well. I always like to see what everyone else is doing. I’ll post a few weeks earlier for my next Knitting Day so hopefully you can join me next time!

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