Who Wants to Knit… A LOT???

Join me via my blog for a Knitting Marathon – Thur, Jan 20th!

It will be the first for 2011 (my goal is one per month) and I am busy assembling my WiPs for the big day(s).  I plan to start at 8:00am EST, Thursday, January 20th and end after I’ve accumulated 26.2 hours of mostly continuous knitting.

This will be my first attempt at 26.2 hours (I will cheat a bit and sleep for at least 6 hours).  I completed a Half-Marathon of knitting in October which was a lot of fun!  I made lots of progress AND didn’t end up throwing in the towel like I was afraid I might.

Here’s what I’ve assembled to work on:

Norwegian Snail Mittens


Raspberry Scarf


Nantucket Brocade Sweater


Sunflower Pillow


Vines Cardigan


I hope to be showing off at least one FO (finished object) by the end of the 2 days!

Get YOUR WiPs together so you are ready to start Thursday morning!


13 responses

  1. I will pick up a fresh bag of Starbucks and some chia seeds for Thursday. Good Luck!

    1. Oh, and BTW, what’s your favorite meal???

  2. Wow!!! The Snail Mittens are just WoW!!!!!

    1. Thanks! I hope to make huge progress on Thursday – I’ll post the pictures when I’m done.

  3. Wow! I’m so impressed by your marathon knitting! I would definitely join in if I didn’t have a toddler to care for. Perhaps I can block out some time on Saturday–you’ve definitely inspired me!

    1. Well – please let me know what you get accomplished if you do! I know what’s it’s like to have little ones running around – although it’s been a few years 🙂

  4. I love those mitts you are making. Looks like you are pretty advanced. I have yet to get into colour work, but it is on my list. I’ve only been knitting for a year, but love the challenge. I’m sure I’ll squeeze in some knitting on the 20th too! Good luck with your projects.

    1. Thanks very much! If you do get some work done on the 20th, let me know how it goes. I hadn’t done much color-work prior to this year but I am finding it rather addicting! My first stranded piece took me a LONG time, but once you start seeing the pattern emerge it can be hard to stop! If you like to knit mittens, there are some great patterns out there that work out pretty quickly and give you a good introduction to color-work.

  5. A knitting marathon sounds like so much fun! I don’t think I could go that long without my hands falling off.

    1. I definitely take breaks, and I use a good bit of the time for finishing work like seaming, etc. So TECHNICALLY I am not knitting all the time 🙂

  6. Here’s to a great and productivly kniterrific day tomorrow. I will be off to Dream Dinners in the morning, then home packing for vacation, but will be checking on your progress, and cheering you on. I may join you for a couple hours after lunch…

    1. Good Luck with all that you have going on and I hope you can join me if only for a bit! I am getting things all set this evening, so I’ll be ready to start bright and early in the morning. Thanks for your encouragement – I appreciate it a lot!

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