On Your Mark, Get Set, LET’S KNIT!

It’s almost time to start the mostly continuous KNITTING MARATHON…

If you plan to join me, I will be posting throughout the day, so check-in and reply to one of the posts with how YOU are doing – I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

26.2 hours – WOW, that’s a lot of knitting!  (I do plan to sleep 5-6 hours at some point to help me make it through.)


  • Current WiPs- CHECK
  • Workout ball for exercise breaks – HA, Like THAT’S gonna happen!
  • Agreement by DH to cover dinner for the family – CHECK

(I did not pre-make dinner as I was hoping to – sorry Pete!)

  • Camera ready with battery charged – CHECK
  • Computer on and ready for entering updates – CHECK
  • Coffee on – CHECK
  • Upbeat music ready – CHECK
  • Clean house – Life’s not perfect you know!

Again, just so you know I’m not a complete lunatic, I won’t actually be knitting straight for 26.2 hours.  The way it works is –  I knit for 45-50 minutes, then take 10-15 minutes to either: snap a picture of my work, post my progress, exercise a bit, eat or take care of other necessary business.   🙂

Let’s get ready to ROCK those knitting needles…


2 responses

  1. I think it absolutely sounds HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!! It will be fun to watch how your day unfolds. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much – I’m definitely having fun!!!

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