Days Remaining is < 100! A Sense of Urgency…

…is upon me OR IS IT???

With less than 100 days remaining in my year-long challenge, you’d think I would be shifting into “Sunday night before Science Project is Due” mode.

That would make total sense, but…

Instead, I worked on an “outside” project today.  That is, one which is NOT on my list of 25 projects to complete by April 30th.  I have to admit, this scarf is worth a bit of procrastination.  Look at how beautifully it’s knitting up:


“Just let me work on this scarf a little longer please Mom?  I think I can finish it in a few more hours and then I PROMISE TO GET BACK TO MY PROJECTS!”


2 responses

  1. What pattern did you use for this? It looks like it is knit front and back? I wanna make it! (and… I totally would give you permission to procratinate and make another!)

    1. I somewhat followed the pattern that BrooklynTweed on Ravelry refers to only I CO 31 stitches. Using 2 different Noro Silk Garden colorways, you simply work in k1p1 and switch colors every 2 rows, slipping the first stitch of every second row! Noro Silk Garden takes care of producing the great colorations!

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