What would cause this obsessive knitter to put down the needles for an entire weekend?

The NHL All-Star Weekend – Held here in Raleigh!!!

Last weekend was all about hockey.   All-Star parties were held by Caniacs around town starting Thursday night and Downtown Raleigh hosted many great events throughout the weekend.    A great time was had by all – you didn’t even have to be a hockey fan to enjoy all that Raleigh put forth!

Three Doors Down held a FREE outdoor concert Friday night in Raleigh’s new Amphitheater and it was fabulous.   One of their songs (Kryptonite) holds a coveted spot on my Knitting Marathon playlist.

Our weekend itinerary was packed from Thursday night through Sunday.  Pete and I were lucky enough to have tickets to the skills competition on Saturday evening.  What an incredible show they put on.  From there we raced to another rink in the Triangle to watch our son and the NC State hockey team play Georgetown.  These college hockey games are crazy – they don’t even start until 9:30pm – so we were cheering until after midnight.   Sunday afternoon’s finale – the actual All-Star game was an exciting end to a great hockey-filled weekend.

With the AllStar Weekend activities in the memory books, I reluctantly got back to my ugly green vest.  I can’t wait until this one is done.  There’s just something about it that makes me want to check someone into the boards.

I think it’s the dark greenish-grayish yarn.  I am annoyed that I picked it in the first place.  I fell prey to the…

“Oh this is so soft, I love the feel of this yarn.  I have to have this yarn.  I don’t like the color but maybe I’ll like it when it’s knitted up, it’s so soft.”

What was I thinking???  Yuk!

I am pretty far along and with less than 90 days until my deadline , restarting the project with a different yarn would be a costly direction to take.  I’ll stay the course and finish it up.

Note to Self – stay away from darkish greenish grayish yarn.


2 responses

  1. Cheryl,

    You are my hero! Another knitting Hockey Mom! Knitting kept me from having a stroke at many a game, and it still helps me keep sane. I’ve restarted a scarf (I WILL beat this thing into submission) several times and am now enjoying it quite a lot, thanks to your jump-starting me again.

    I sympathize with your sad situation with the ugly yarn, but you WILL conquer it! And then who will be laughing???

    Keep up the good work and FUN blog!

  2. Cheryl – have you posted your playlist yet? I am just back from our cruise, and am thinkin gof posting my playlist – although I am afraid people will judge me for my slight 80’s addiction!

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