Prep Work for Knitting Marathon

To get the most out of Sunday/Monday’s Knitting Marathon, here’s what I’m working on today…

  1. My Knitting Play-list – I am adding several more songs to carry me through!
  2. Dinner Preparations – I will make Pastitio (that’s Greek Lasagne) for the family ahead of time.  Ulterior Motive… continued strong support for my monthly knitting marathons 🙂
  3. Works in Progress – I plan to see where I stand on each project so that I can jump right in and be most productive once my marathon begins!

JOIN ME tomorrow, Sunday Feb 20th at 7pm EST and get ready to KNIT… A LOT!!!


6 responses

  1. I will be joining you! I have my projects all out and ready to go! First, is the first race of the season, then KNITTING!!!!!!

    1. YEAH! I’m just about ready to start!

  2. Yep, I’ll be watching the two of you gals enjoy the time and fun!

    1. Thanks – I’m ready to get going! A few minutes late, but I’ve got plenty of knitting ahead of me so no worries.

  3. I finally gave up at 11:30, with very little more to show. I was too tired. I will be back at it in about an hour – once I get the kids off to school. Today I am thinking instead of a movie or music I am going to Knit to the New Testiment – I have it on CD, and havent started it yet!

    1. A fresh start today and I bet you’ll be making lots of progress!

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