Lessons Learned while Knitting (mostly continuously) for 26+ hours…

…26.2 hours goes faster than you think!

Here is a recap of my February Knitting Marathon Day

Hours spent:

  • knitting – 15 hrs, 3 mins
  • sleeping – 7 hrs, 33 mins (planned for 6, but alarm didn’t go off :-))
  • doing other (blogging, eating, taking pictures,etc) – 4 hrs, 4 mins

Lessons Learned:

  • Start your Knitting Marathon in the morning
  • Eat your snacks – don’t take pictures of them (See NOTE below)
  • Stay with one project for the motivation of seeing major progress

Revelations Revealed:

  • No matter how much you prepare in advance, SOMEONE will need your attention during the time you’ve set aside – SMILE and take care of it!
  • Don’t start calculating how many rows you’re getting done per 10 minutes… you just wasted 10 minutes!

NOTE:  Here is what can happen when you start taking pictures of what you plan to eat or drink…

Snack ready for the start of the Knitting Marathon – Let’s take a picture!…

Oops – Too Close!  Coffee all over table, requiring 20 minutes of clean-up time…

Lesson:  Eat & Drink your snacks – DON’T take pictures of them!

Already looking forward to my March Knitting Marathon!!!


4 responses

  1. Takes notes…

    I hadn’t realized that sleeping was included in the permissible activities until much too late in my knit marathon. I agree that starting in the morning is a much better plan.

    Oh, and I’m an idiot…it took me until JUST NOW to remember that 26.2 is the length of a traditional marathon in miles and realize that’s why you chose such an odd number for the length of time. *smacks self in forehead*

    1. So sorry I didn’t re-iterate my “mostly continuous” knitting message at the start of the February marathon! I will definitely do that in March! While I was sleeping like a baby – you were struggling to stay awake… urgh. I hope you’ll join me in March – I’ll be starting in the morning!

  2. ROFL! Spilling the coffee is something I would do!

    When is the one in March? I am in if I don’t have kid-related-activities then. I got so much done, and am happy for the push to get it done. How are you doing in getting your things done fro your masters class?

    1. I have been looking at the March calendar trying to plan in advance, so hopefully I’ll be able to post those dates soon. Funny you should ask about the Masters Program as I am knitting through swatches 1-4 today! It was my goal to finish all 16 by the end of February, so I will be busy “swatching” for the next 7 days. I’ll post pictures when I’m done. Are you working on the Masters?

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