Swatching for the Masters

With not many days left in February I am putting all my knitting efforts into completing my Master Knitter Swatches.

16 Swatches (Required for Level 1) doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but let me tell you…

It’s NOT just about swatching!

If you’re not familiar with the TKGA‘s Master Knitter Certification program, it’s something I would DEFINITELY recommend!

I learned to knit a little bit here and a little bit there by:

  • nagging my older cousin into teaching me when I was little
  • taking a couple of classes over the years
  • looking up a particular technique on the internet
  • just diving into an interesting looking pattern & figuring it out

Now after having been knitting for 30+ years I considered myself a fairly advanced knitter.

Well, not so comrades, I didn’t know why the heck I was doing some of the things I was doing!!!

The MASTER KNITTER program helps answer those questions.   As you knit the required swatches, you have to do research and answer questions on WHY you  are doing something a certain way, WHEN you should be using one technique vs. another and so forth.  (Remember those school worksheets you had to fill out with a zillion questions?)

So far, it’s been fun to do research and take time to figure out why things are done in a certain way and to examine my knitting stitch-by-stitch.

Here are my first 6 swatches (still need to weave in ends and block)…

Swatch #1 (2×2 ribbing with increases and garter stitch) I plan to re-knit this swatch as the cast-on edge is not very neat.

Swatch #2 (1×1 ribbing with increases and stockinette stitch) This one will look much better once it’s fully blocked.

Swatch #3 (seed stitch) I paid close attention to tugging the purl stitches so that there would be no visible holes.

Swatch #4 (bar increases) The color on this swatch looks mottled because I dampened it slightly to semi-block it for the picture.

Swatch #5 (M1, mirrored increases) I seriously never paid attention before to whether my M1 increases were Right-slanting  or Left-slanting!

Swatch #6 (Lifted, mirrored increases) Still on the needles.

All the swatches will be blocked of course before they get sent in to be judged by a committee as worthy or unworthy.

If deemed unworthy they kindly send them back and I have to re-do my work (school memories anyone???) 🙂


9 responses

  1. WOW! I love knitting (obviously) and have beenknitting for probably 25+ years – I remember knitting with my mom in Jr High School – but I still consider myself pretty beginner. I need to take some classes. And then I would LOVE to do the Masters. I have a lot of admiration for people at that level of precision.

    1. What I am finding really worthwhile is that the program has you researching (they provide a bibliography of sources) what you are working on and then recording your findings on paper. So the combination of reading about it and doing it and then writing about it is really reinforcing all of the basics again!

  2. Good night, Cheryl. If you send some cookies with the swatches will that grease the skids at all?

    I think that you could do a tie-in of Knitting and The Masters golf tournament…you should be on the News!

  3. The swatches are incredible! Swatch-on!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement – I am swatching like crazy trying to reach my goal.

      1. I also notice you are using the bamboo needles I just “discovered” while I was knitting in NC. I love them. They are my new fav!

      2. I love the fact that the stitches don’t slip off the needles and they feel great to knit with.

  4. Looking forward to more swatches! How are they going?

    1. Working on #7-12. I’m trying to finish several and “semi-block” them so that I can post photos. Today I’ve been swatching while: waiting for car repair, waiting for DH for lunch and am now about to swatch while in Dr waiting room! Can’t let those minutes go to waste!

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