Future Master Knitters – Listen Up!


To save yourself a bit of time and a bit of money – make sure you knit your swatches with LIGHT COLOR yarn.

I thought I was doing this when I came across a section of the instructions that listed what colors would DEFINITELY be considered LIGHT.

The color with which I knitted 14 of my 16  master knitter swatches was NOT on the list. As hard as I stared, I couldn’t make orange appear anywhere on the list.

Now I had to ask myself,


  • take the chance and finish up with this yarn?
  • spend the money to send everything in and then have it sent back??
  • consider this a learning lesson and an opportunity to re-knit the swatches making them even more perfect???
  • support the LYS by buying LIGHT color yarn for my swatches????
  • be a big girl and not whine and complain, but just re-knit the swatches and know I did the right thing?????

I’ll let you know how I answered those questions in my next post!


4 responses

  1. As a professional procrastinator, I feel I have some expertice in this area. As much as I tried to rationalize leaving the swatches in the orange, I could not do it. (And that is a stretch for me – as I am SUCH a good stretcher of the rules)! It woud lbe a shame to spend all the money and have them return it, OR… to have them over scrutinuze your pieces because you used the orange.

    All that being said – you only have 2 swatches left? You GO! Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to just keep them in orange and see what happens. What is orange anyways, but yellows little sister, and our Mama’s always told us to include our little sisters in everything we did!

    1. Great suggestions and I might have taken my chances with the orange, but I wasn’t finished with #14 and I was planning on re-knitting 2 swatches anyway and I still had to weave in all the ends and block. With that said, I decided to go ahead and re-knit them all. After all practice makes perfect right?

  2. Argh! ARGH! Oh, WHY didn’t that part of the instructions appear in glowing letters? Are they playing games with you? ARGH!

    1. I think it was meant to be! The more I swatch, the better I get, so I only going to get better (I hope) 🙂

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