Knitting for FUN vs Swatching – Which Would You Choose?

Yes, I thought you would agree with me!

So, instead of swatching, I have been working on some of my current projects.

Right now I have 9 WiPs in various stages of completion and would like to move SOME of them to FO (finished object) status during my March Knitting Marathon.

My purple kid’s gansey (from Beth Brown Reinsel’s Knitting Ganseys Book) was at the point of sleeve gussets when I last worked on it and I decided to try to get past the gussets so I could knit straight away during next week’s marathon.

Well… I got so enamored with how it was turning out, I couldn’t stop!  I finished the gussets, then went from knitting in the round to dividing and knitting the front and back…

Then I joined the shoulders with a 3-needle bind-off and here I am…

I think it is turning out ADORABLE – kids things are so much FUN to knit!

Since I’m working on FUN things, my master knitter swatches have been languishing.

I am currently on the #10 swatch, so I still have 7 more to knit.

Swat, Swat, Swat – that’s my ruler rapping my knuckles 🙂  Come on Cheryl – finish those darn swatches!

But, swatching is boring; especially when you are doing it for the second time.

Okay – I will TRY to work on the master knitter swatches tomorrow – No promises though – I seem to keep breaking them!


2 responses

  1. YAY for swatch-slackers! I love the purple, too! What size is it?

    I will be joining you on your March Marathon! You should make a button, so we can put it on our blogs.

    1. The gansey is sized for a 2-3 year old (22″ chest measurement) – it’s so fun knitting such little things.

      I’m so glad you’ll be joining me on Thursday. And, what a great idea about creating a button! I’m very short on time between now and Thursday, but I’ll definitely be doing that for next month.

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