March Knitting Marathon to Begin in less than 10 minutes – 8:00am EST

…Please Join Me!

I know that Marcy of the Marcaritaville Blog and her Mom will be knitting along!  Not only is she a knitter and quilter, but she creates jewelry too – her spring wire bracelet would look wonderful with that knitted sweater you’re going to finish today 🙂

I’ve gathered all 9 of my works-in-progress for the big day!

My Vines Cardigan needs underarms grafted and i-cord trim…

The Child’s Gansey needs both little sleeves knit…

Cardigan turned Cowl is about 50% done…

Ugly Green Cable Vest is about 70% there – still need to finish the front, seam shoulders and knit the neck & sleeve bands…

Little Blossom Cardigan is just started…

Nantucket Brocade Pullover is in its infancy with first sleeve about 1/2 done…

Sunflower Pillow side 1 is about 1/3 of the way done…

Raspberry Scarf will be done when the skein runs out – maybe never???

Snail Mittens are past the halfway point with the second mitten’s welts done…

…I will probably just work on 1 or 2 projects, but I have them all ready JUST IN CASE!


2 responses

  1. Thanks for nod… I really appreciate it! Today I will be FINISHING the never-ending-KEvin’s-4-Year-Sweater … even if it kills me! Then it’s off to start my luscious watermelon sweater! Can’t wait!

    1. Thank YOU for joining the Marathon and spreading the word! Good luck today and I hope everyone is feeling better.

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