2 Trips to Urgent Care + 1 Trip to ENT + 2 Trips to ER + 1 Trip to Family Doc = Not Much Knitting

Wow, THAT was a long haul!

Today was the first day back to school since March 18th for our 17 year old son who was dragged through a rough patch of illness (strep throat + complications + allergic reaction to medications).

We have now gone more than 48 hours without being in some sort of medical facility and I am pretty certain Billy is even more excited about that than I.

Now that he is on the mend (thank goodness) and I am mostly caught up with my day job, I am indulging in a few minutes with my blog.

Last you heard I had just finished my March Knitting Marathon.  I have yet to post my RECAP and I hope to do that tomorrow…


4 responses

  1. Whoa, Cheryl! I am so sad to hear that Billy’s been through the mill, and you, too! I hope that he is able to catch up with all of the work (I’m sure he’s been sooooo sad to have missed out on all of that) and is feeling back to normal really soon. Ugh!

    Welcome back to Spring, and enjoy the beautiful day.


    1. Things are looking up! It’s amazing how much more you appreciate your health when you or your kids go through a sick spell.

  2. OH! Geez, that sounds like not such a fun time! I hope everyone is feeling better, adn gets to relax a little this weekend.

    1. Everyone is feeling good and looking forward to a bit of R & R. I truly empathize with those who have to endure a prolonged illness. Only 10 days and it was not fun! It sure makes you appreciate your health though!

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