How much knitting actually gets done…

…in 26.2 hours of mostly continuous knitting???

Not nearly enough this time!

Here is a recap of my March Knitting Marathon Day

Hours spent:

  • knitting – 14 hrs, 10 mins
  • sleeping – 6 hrs, 19 mins
  • doing other (blogging, eating, taking pictures,etc) – 5 hrs, 49 mins

Lessons Learned:

  • Practice saying “No” before starting and you may feel less guilty saying it during  the marathon.
  • If you stay with one project long enough, you will eventually finish it.

Here’s the Green Cabled Vest I finished during my March Marathon in honor of St. Paddy’s Day…

Revelations Revealed:

  • Time spent picture-taking and blogging is inversely proportional to the amount of knitting that gets done!
  • There’s just not enough time in a 24-hour day.

To get around that last point, for my April marathon, I will knit 13.1 hours on day one, sleep, then knit 13.1 hours on day two.

I hope you will join me for my April Knitting Marathon – Date to be announced soon!!!


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