April 5th – 26 Days to go…

…and I am making progress!

Status of projects that are started (with Ravelry-links):

And those that I still have to start:

  • Reflecting Pools Bag
  • Rosemal Hat & Mittens
  • Entrelac Christmas Sock
  • Flowered Vest
  • Erin Cardigan

That’s not too much knitting for 26 days is it?

I wonder if the World’s fastest knitter could do it???

Who is the world’s faster knitter?

That would be Miriam Tegels.  At 118 stitches per minute, she JUST MIGHT be able to do it!   It’s amazing how fast she knits…

Speed-Knitting is NOT where I plan on heading; however there are those times when a little speed wouldn’t hurt – like when it’s December 20th and I still have Christmas gifts to finish!

Or like when it’s April 5th and I have 12 projects to finish in 26 days 🙂


4 responses

  1. GO, CHERYL! I hope you love every minute and every stitch and that all of the clocks break so you can’t be hounded by the speeding minutes. 🙂 (I just got back from a hotel that lost power in the middle of the night, and wondered about all of those alarms that didn’t go off; do NOT lose power!)

    I can’t wait to see these finished!

    1. What a novel idea – if time could only stop for a bit for me to finish my knitting 🙂

  2. “Notice that Miriam is NOT watching TV or trying to carry on a conversation.” They didn’t show the drool or glassy-eyed stare after two hours of this kind of knitting. GEESH!

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