April 12th – the Snail Mitten is done…

…and JUST IN TIME for our summer weather!

I don’t care that I won’t wear these for 6 months – I get to put them in the Finished Column.   AND THAT BRINGS MY TOTAL TO 14 FINISHED PROJECTS!

I still haven’t decided if I like them with or without the embroidery details.  I’m leaning towards removing some of the embroidery on the first one, especially on the cuff as you can see the stitch detail better without.

Let me know what YOU think!  Embroidery (french knots) or Not?


3 responses

  1. Hi, Cheryl,

    I’d still wear those beauties—they are too gorgeous to wait for! Don’t you remember ‘driving gloves’? Bring back the trend!

    I vote for the embroidery details because I think that the violet color adds such pop to the entire glove, but that’s me. Just do what you like best and then make me a pair. 🙂

    Have a great, great day.

  2. Hurrah for finished objects!

    They’re very pretty. I’d personally go without the embroidery, I agree that the pattern seems to show up better without the distractions.

    But… if I’d gone as far as you had with that *lovely* purple (it’s gorgeous!), I’d probably embroider the other glove too. Mainly because I’d be concerned that unpicking the purple would leave teensy strands of purple fibre on the glove which would be hard to remove.

    Enjoy whatever decision you make 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your input. I think I agree that the pattern takes more of the center stage without the embroidery. Another thought I had is to scale back the amount of embroidery I use. I’ll keep you posted!

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