Happy Easter to ALL!

After a beautiful PASCHAL service which began at 11:45pm on Saturday and concluded at 2:45am this morning, I am ready to SLEEP!

I plan on waking up to a breakfast of Bacon & Eggs and loads of fattening foods!  I’ll run on Monday. (I promise)

Then a few hours of knitting before it’s time to head to our Church picnic, where I will consume more yummy fattening food.  I’ll run on Tuesday too! (I promise)

I hope to end the day power knitting on my Reflecting Pools Bag – I’m sure that will burn off a few calories.

Hey has anyone ever seen knitting in those lists of exercises with the amount of calories burned? 

No, Me Neither – wishful thinking I guess.  🙂

Here’s what my bag looked like at 3:24 in the morning…

And at the end of the day…

7 days left, 11 projects to complete…

…I need a knitting miracle!


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