Embrace your slow computer…

…and be amazed at your knitting progress!

  • Ever been frustrated by slow computer response?
  • Ever want to pitch your laptop out the nearest window?
  • Ever stamp your feet in frustration as you wait for those image files to load?

The answer to ending your frustrations is in your Knitting Bag! 

Simply place a WIP next to your dear old, sweet, slow computer and say goodbye to those daily frustrations.

Pick up your knitting and find your place prior to starting up your laptop.  Now…

  • Bootup time = 2 rows
  • Launching a new program = 1 rows
  • Loading a flyer with multiple images = 2 rows
  • Converting a flyer from Word 2003 to Word 2007 = 4 rows
  • Downloading a new program/template, etc = 5 rows

Before you know it BAM – you’ve finished your sweater sleeve, or completed that scarf or frogged that cardigan that came out 2 sizes too big!

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!!!

  1. Your budget is more balanced when you eliminate the new laptop purchase.
  2. Knitting projects effortlessly progress from WIP to finished status.
  3. The tendency to snap at anyone close by when waiting for large files to load is diminished.

AND TO TOP IT OFF, YOU’RE GOING GREEN –  by not adding your old computer to a landfill!!!

Catching up on a full day of administrative Real Estate tasks took me from this…

To this…

SO I SAY EMBRACE YOUR OLDER TECHNOLOGY!   And enjoy the fruits of your multi-tasking labors.


3 responses

  1. You are hilarious, Cheryl! Hahahahaha…what a way to combat ‘Technology Rage’! Go, you!

  2. Hahaha, that’s ace!
    Unfortunately the slowest computer I have to use is at work. And I don’t think my boss would understand. Shame really, as I’m sure it would save me from the feeling of wanting to defenestrate the ruddy thing!

    1. If only your boss were a knitter! Then there would be total understanding 🙂

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