10:15am EST is when the knitting…

…was supposed to begin!

Ah, but my day always seems to be two steps ahead of ME – I didn’t even arrive at DownTown Knits until 10:28am.   Amber joined me with her planets needlework project (if you like trying new things, check out her awesome 50FirstCrafts blog) and by the time we settled in, it was 10:59am.

DownTown Knits –  a great LYS in Apex, NC…

This is just one small part of the space.  The proprietor, Michele Riggs has setup my dream knitting shop.  One of my favorite sections is the one that features local yarns. 

If you are from the area you need to see this shop.  If you are traveling to the area, make plans to come on by – it’s definitely worth the trip!

10:59am – I picked up my Entrelac Christmas stocking, BUT…

Alas, I couldn’t figure out how to change from knitting entrelac peaks to just regular entrelac!   (I did manage to get it straight later on in the evening.)

So, I surveyed the other WIPs that I had brought…

And decided on the Raspberry Scarf. 

Here’s what it looked like after an hour of knitting…

Pretty much the SAME as when I started!

Well what did I expect? 

The yarn is about as thick as my hair and the needles are itty-bitty, so of course it’s going to be slow-going.


12:30pm –  Right about now I realized I needed to go with something that was going to show some progress!

So I pulled out the Sunflower Pillow (it’s knit in the round with steeks)…


1:20pm – Break to shop for yarn for one of my other projects.  I’m in a yarn SHOP, did you think this wouldn’t happen???


Found the perfect yarn for my Caroline Jacket.  Can’t wait to cast-on.  But before I do, better get some nourishment…

1:45pm – Lunch Break


2:08pm – Back to the Sunflower Pillow


3:00pm – Laurie joins us with her awesome pink sweater that I CAN’T WAIT to see finished!

3:48pm – Finished the 3 sets of leaves on the Sunflower Pillow, but forgot to bring the YELLOW yarn.  Oh Darn, I guess I have to cast-on with my new yarn!


4:45pm – Time to say goodbye to all and head home.


One response

  1. Well, Cheryl, I have another “Cheryl’s Blog” smile on my face. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your POSTS, POSTS, POSTS, and I can’t wait to SEE SEE SEE all of the pictures once your camera has been brought back to life!

    Thanks so much for the fun and encouragement you are—-you are a peach!

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