Keep moving forward…

…is my motto for May.

And my Sunflower Pillow IS progressing (pattern by Kristen Nicholas)…

It’s fun to see the flowers emerge in the pattern!  

The pillow front is knitted in the round with steeks which will be CUT open when the knitting is done.  You discerning knitters will notice that my tension has changed and my tube is getting skinnier, but I am moving forward and hoping that blocking will help out.  If not I will have a pillow which illustrates how important tension is when doing stranded knitting 🙂


15 of 25 finished

7 in-progress (with my Ravelry WIP links):

3 Left to Cast-On (with their Ravelry pattern links):

Moving Forward and Making Progress!


2 responses

  1. The word “ambitious” springs to mind… Although I like the idea of shooting for the moon, but landing among the stars. Only trouble is I tend to land on my rear end. I still learn things along the way though so I suppose it’s all good!

    1. I have to say I land on my rear more often than not as well 🙂 But nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes! Thanks for stopping by my blog – I hope you enjoy it!

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