8 rows forward on my Raspberry Scarf…

…and I’m still on the correct pattern row.

This is an achievement as knitting this scarf always requires my complete attention. If my mind wanders or my eyes glance up to look at the road I’m driving on (just kidding), I will find that I am either 2 rows  behind or 1 row ahead of the correct pattern row resulting in TINKing and re-knitting.

Even though it’s been slow-going, I LOVE this pattern (from The Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes who also authors the Knitter’s Review, a great weekly online newsletter for fiber enthusiasts)…

It’s already long enough to fit once around the neck – if only it were designed to be a cowl – then I’d be done!  

Once completed, this scarf will go to Lara, the winner of the little guessing game played my Tuesday evening knitting friends. 

We decided that whoever guessed closest to the date that I would complete all 25 of my projects was to be given the scarf.  So, when May 1st rolled around and I wasn’t QUITE done (15 of 25 finished), Lara had the closest guess. 

I will happily turn the scarf over to her when complete (hopefully prior to my new July 31st deadline!!!)

CURRENT STATUS OF MY PROJECTS: 15 of 25 finished 7 in-progress (with my Ravelry WIP links):

3 Left to Cast-On (with their Ravelry pattern links):

I am staying true to May’s Motto:  Moving Forward!


2 responses

  1. I love that scarf! Keep knitting!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! So I’m not the only one knitting on the road? HAHAHAHAHAHA! You are just too fun, Cheryl!

    What’s your next contest? I want to win something you’ve knitted. I might have to frame it.

    (BTW, The Pizza is coming TODAY!!!! Amber’s offered Tiramisu—what kind of beer do you guys like, and are you still good for Sunday night?)

    Knit on, KNIT ON!!

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