Chain-stitching stems and leaves…

…on my Sunflower Pillow.

Progress has slowed a bit as ALL 18 of the leaves need to be embroidered with chain-stitching AND fern stitch…

…and I’m not the fastest at embroidery work. 

My last stitching project was 3 Christmas stockings started for my boys when they were 5, 3 and 1.  They are now 21, 19 and 17 and the last one is still sitting in the embroidery hoop.  The stitching – NOT THE BOYS 🙂

I hope to finish THIS project before the end of the month.

I really do like the way it’s turning out – the embroidery adds great dimension to the pillow front.  I am hoping to be done SOON; but I still have 12 more leaves to finish!  You know me, I have a hard time working on one thing at a time and I am chomping at the bit to move on to the next project.

To be honest, I have been knitting some rows on my Raspberry Scarf when I need a break, but I’m trying to stay focused for the most part on the pillow until it’s done.  

Perhaps tomorrow???

May’s Motto of:  Moving Forward Every Day is helping me stay focused on finishing!


4 responses

  1. Hahahahaha, Cheryl, you need a Knitting Comedy Show! Your knitting is just lovely and you are just a hoot (and I should know about that, right?)…THANK YOU for admitting to those ‘lifetime’ projects that will get done ONE DAY.

    Here’s to you and your flying needles!

  2. when are we marathoning? My mojo is back (and my computer is back as of 2 days ago! yay!)

    1. Marcy – so sorry I didn’t come through with a May Marathon! Sometimes real estate work is a 24/7 job and the last 2 weeks were just that. I can’t complain because it helps pay the bills, but it left no room for knitting!!! Things are still busy but it looks like there will be a window of opportunity for me to get back at it soon – hopefully this weekend. I’ve set aside June 16th and 17th as my June marathon days. I hope you can make plans to join me!

  3. HEY! Take the overbusy where you can get it! June 16 and 17 is the last week of school, so it should be perfect! I have a bunch of projects going, so I will be jumpin gat the opportunity to knit for the 2 days. I am actually making somehting for myself *gasp* right now, a summer layering vest. And I would love to be ableto weat it THIS summer LOL!

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