LEAF me alone already!

I’m tired of embroidering leaves on my Sunflower Pillow…

Good Thing I’m Done!!!

Yes – My Sunflower Pillow front is finally done and ready to be sewn to a backing  and then stuffed with a pillow form, after which it will become a REAL pillow instead of just a pillow front.

I will then get to update my Project Status to:

16 out of 25 complete!

Which will leave me with: 6 in-progress:

And 3 Left to Cast-On:

To finish by July 31st!


3 responses

  1. I sense another knit-athon? Yippeeeee! Bring Mr. Pillow for appropriate drooling over it’s beauty.

    I just got some gorgeous silk and three patterns. WHAT WAS I THINKING?????? 😉

    Have a great day and do not fry!

    1. You were thinking like a TRUE knitter – why fry outside when you can knit inside!!!
      I’m hoping to knit like a banshee on June 16th and 17th – I’ll probably try to park myself at DownTown Knits. Can you join me?

  2. It looks great (but I imagine it was actually quite tedious to make)!

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