As the days grow longer, so too does my Raspberry Scarf!

I’m hoping it will be done before cooler weather is upon us.

Hey, I know that sounds crazy, but I blinked and May was gone! 

I’m trying not to blink in June so it too doesn’t slip through my knitting fingers without significant progress on some of my projects.

With a 6 day budget per remaining 9 projects, I will need to finish my raspberry scarf by Wednesday of next week.  Don’t you know I love a deadline!

This gorgeous lace scarf is from Clara Parke’s The Book of Yarn.  Clara also authors the Knitter’s Review, a great weekly online newsletter for fiber enthusiasts…

…like YOU! 

The scarf needs to be 40″ long before blocking.  Right now it measures 20″, so I have officially made it to the halfway point.

My 9 Projects Remaining (with links to my Ravelry page):

June’s Motto:  Keeping my eyes on the finish line!


2 responses

  1. Looking good. Beautiful photo!

  2. I like the photo too, with the wood, ivy and Knock Out Rose – looks great!

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