I said I’d do what? That’s Impossible!

There are only 16 Days left in July. 

Minus 2 Thursdays (for my new Thursday Coat KAL) leaves 14 days to finish 8 projects.

The day of impossibility has arrived.  And I am okay with that!

Today, I acknowledge that it is absolutely and undeniably impossible for me to reach my goal of completing all 25 projects by the end of the month.   With THAT monkey off my back, I can now focus on finishing my 8 remaining projects with enthusiasm but without a deadline.

Ahh, a summer with no deadlines –  that sounds like a recipe for success!

What will I finish by the end of July?  The cowl and perhaps one other item?  I think I will let the remaining days of July answer that question.

8 Projects Remaining and my progress on each…

I will finish when I finish and not a minute before that! 🙂


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