Trust your instincts

How many more times will I tell myself this before I believe it???

Just yesterday…

I was knitting along on my cowl thinking that it’s looking pretty darn good and that I was close to finishing when I looked at it again and thought, hmm… I really should do another 22-row repeat to give this cowl the drape that it needs.  But then I thought, wow 22 more rows is a lot – I was hoping to have this finished by now.

So I hesitated and that’s when the rationalizations began…

  • I’m sure once the band is knit it will have enough drape.
  • If I knit 22 more rows it will probably be too much.
  • Who knows how often I will even wear this, do I want to spend that much more time on it?

I sold out on my instincts and started on the green band…

Funny thing is…  my instincts had been right, it wouldn’t have nearly enough drape.  I got to spend the next hour ripping out the band so that I could start on another 22-row pattern repeat.

So, please if your instinct is to add a few extra rows to make your scarf longer or to add another pattern repeat to make things look just right, then DO IT – AT ONCE – WITHOUT HESITATION.  Follow your instincts and save yourself a little time.  I wish I had 🙂

INSTINCT   (def.) that inner voice that whispers, “knit a gauge swatch” and things like that.


7 responses

  1. True for knitting and so many other aspects of life!

  2. You’re selling out, Cheryl! No, no, NOOOOO! That voice is always messing with you. Just think—you wouldn’t have that lovely, cool cowl if you’d listened in the first place. I am beginning to worry about you! 🙂

    I absolutely HATE ripping out, or turning the car around if I’ve missed a road, etc., so I feel our pain, but it will be so amazing when it’s done. Maybe we should get a pile of ‘rip-outs’ and save them for when we’re good and mad. What do you think? Anger management turned good?

    Happy, happy knitting! (Again!)

  3. Wow 😀 That’s beautiful. Love the intarsia design. You got to love those little voices in your head…

    1. Thanks for stopping by – I’m currently in a tug-of-war with the voices 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to listen and sometimes its NOT – right Laurie???

  4. Beautiful work. It always seems to take me forever to get anything finished.

    And those voices–sometimes it is hard to know when to listen, but it seems that more often than not, they are helpful.

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